Friday 3 April 2009


Sobo's new breakfast is So-good 

Adam Gerondis, the restaurateur from Sobo, who brought Australians their first "Pay want you think your meal is worth" menu, has done it again! He has a brand new breakfast menu made up of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!

A chocolate wave has certainly rolled in at famous Bondi Beach and Sobo will be delighting chocolate lovers everywhere with the launch of their Chocolate Lovers Breakfast Basket each and every Saturday and Sunday morning.

This mouth watering chocolate extravaganza is sinfully delicious and just too good to ignore! The Chocolate Lovers Breakfast Basket is available from 9am every weekend and consists of one warm croissant, a toasted bagel, one warm brioche and a toasted baguette with four homemade delectable chocolate spreads- wicked white chocolate, devilish dark chocolate, appallingly handsome hazelnut chocolate and a mischievous milk chocolate.

"If you love chocolate, then you'll love the Chocolate Lovers Breakfast Basket" says Adam Gerondis. "All the spreads are homemade using real chocolate and I'm sure the weekends will become paradise for chocolate lovers all over Sydney."

This new heavenly breakfast begins this Saturday, 4th April, 2009 at 9am…and the new diet starts Monday!

The Chocolate Lovers Breakfast Basket costs $14 for 1, or $24 for 2.

Death by chocolate has never seemed so good!

The Chocolate Lovers Breakfast Basket

Sobo Bistro
70a Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach
Tel (02) 9300 8898

Every Saturday and Sunday From 9am

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