Monday 20 April 2009

Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau launches new website

(Honiara) The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau website has been completely restructured and has received a complete visual makeover, making it one of the leading travel websites in the South Pacific.

Michael Tokuru, General Manager of the Solomon Islands Visitor Bureau said "This is a great day in the development of tourism services for Solomon Islands. We now have a website that's a one-stop shop for anybody travelling to and around Solomon Islands".

He said, "The new website includes more information than previously available on the former SIVB website, and also presents this in a very user friendly manner."

The new design also merges general information about the Solomons as a destination alongside the contact details of tourism operators, such as accommodation, activities or service providers.

While there are countless new features on the new site, one of the most exciting is the new translation capability.

"It is now possible to automatically translate the whole website in a matter of minutes into as many as 35 different languages. This new capability breaks down the language barriers and will allow SIVB to reach even more potential tourists," Mr. Tokuru said.

Other features include a live chat service (for travel assistance), three day weather forecast, newsletter sign-up, image galleries, extensive travel tools, traveller stories, Pidgin phrases, FAQs and news updates.

Perhaps one of the most powerful new tools for the Visitors Bureau is in the website statistics. These enable SIVB staff to see a whole range of information on the characteristics of those people visiting the website. This information will enable SIVB to respond to the market demands more efficiently by revising content on a regular basis.

However, Mr. Tokuru stressed that this is only the beginning. "While the new website may now be live, the hard work is yet to come. In order for the website to remain effective, a continuous process of reviewing, analyzing and finding new and innovative ways to reach tourists will need to be undertaken by SIVB.

The website project was begun in August of 2008 and has been run and managed by Alejandra Cares Henriquez, an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development who joined SIVB on a 12 month volunteer contract.

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