Tuesday 2 June 2009

Arajilla Retreat Offers Artist Retreat Programmes on Lord Howe Island

Arajilla Retreat on Lord Howe Island are introducing an inspirational long weekend for art lovers. Combine the exceptional beauty of Lord Howe with the opportunity to paint with Archibald prize-winning artists.

Lord Howe is often called Australia’s most beautiful island and a true place of artistic inspiration. This year Arajilla Retreat is undertaking an inaugural Artist Retreat Programme on Lord Howe. Participants have the opportunity to paint with some of Australia’s most talented artists combined with the luxury and warm hospitality of Arajilla Retreat and the exceptional surroundings of Lord Howe.

Choose from four very special Arajilla Artists Retreats, each highlighting very different painting styles and techniques.

Archibald prize winners Garry Shead and Guy Maestri will head up a highly talented group of artists leading these luxury long weekends.

Each retreat is of four days and three nights duration, from a Friday to Monday, representing a long weekend of fun, camaraderie, artistic inspiration and learning.

The Retreats consist of drawing and painting with the artist in both studio and at spectacular Lord Howe outdoor locations, combined with evening art lectures, discussions and films. The retreats will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants only and is resident at Arajilla Retreat, offering a fully inclusive and luxurious programme for participants.

Garry Shead, along with fellow artist Adam Rish, will undertake Arajilla Artist Retreats in October 2009 and March 2010. Internationally acclaimed artists Richard Allen and Peter Hickey will conduct a retreat in December 2009 whilst youthful Guy Maesti, this year’s Archibald prize-winner, will lead a group at Arajilla in June 2010.

Artist Leaders Dates
02 - 05 October '09 Garry Shead & Adam Rish
04 - 07 December '09 Richard Allen & Peter Hickey
19 - 22 March '10 Garry Shead & Adam Rish
04 - 07 June '10 Guy Maestri

The Arajilla Artist Workshop programme is an all inclusive tariff at luxurious Arajilla Reteat, including all meals, airport transfers, and even light picnic lunches whilst away sketching or painting. We also provide much of the equipment participants need to fully enjoy your Lord Howe Island experience – backpacks, easels, canvas and paper, bicycles, snorkelling and light fishing gear, beach towels, DVDs and much more.

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