Friday 5 June 2009


NRMA Travel’s first-ever comprehensive survey of 1,550 Members has generated good news for the Australian tourism industry and the economy, with 72 per cent of respondents believing the next twelve months will be a good time to take a holiday.

More than 70 per cent of respondents would prefer to holiday within Australia – setting the scene for a boost to domestic tourism.

NRMA Group CEO Tony Stuart said that the survey showed consumer confidence toward holiday planning remains very strong, despite the current economic situation.

“Almost three quarters of NRMA Members are considering travelling in the next twelve months, with Australia overwhelmingly rated as the number one destination,” Mr Stuart said.

“These findings should buoy the spirits of tourist destinations and tourism operators around the country.”

The survey also revealed current consumer sentiment relating to:

Domestic versus international destinations:
• Support for the Australian economy is an important factor in choice of holiday destination; almost two-thirds of those choosing an Australian destination nominate this as an important consideration. Other factors impacting on holiday destination decisions included: the total cost of a holiday, value for money as well as personal safety and security.

Petrol price impact on holiday decisions:
• 80 per cent indicated the price of petrol is a factor influencing their decision to take fewer holidays and choose holiday destinations closer to home. 59 per cent of respondents felt the price of petrol was important when making a decision about holidaying in Australia

Value for money destinations:
• Respondents believe Australia is the best destination when it comes to value for money, followed by Asian and Pacific destinations, with almost half rating Australia as good value for money.

Best holiday accommodation standards:
• 71 per cent of respondents believe Australia leads the world when it comes to holiday accommodation standards, followed by Asia and a tie between Western Europe including the UK and North America.

Best air travel standards:
• Two thirds of respondents said that Australian air travel standards were good or excellent and superior to the rest of the world, followed by air travel standards in Western Europe including the UK and then Asia.

Best food and beverage service:
• 76 per cent of respondents believe Australia has the best food and beverage service in the world, followed by Western Europe, including the UK and then Asia.

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The NRMA Motoring & Services Group is a major tourism and travel operator in Australia. Over the last four years NRMA has invested more than $275 million in tourism businesses, including NRMA Travel, Thrifty Australia, NRMA Holiday Parks, Travelodge Hotels, Adventure World, Value Tours, Coral Seas Cruises and Creative Cruising.


All things considered, would you say that the next twelve months will be a good time for you to take a holiday?
No. of respondents
Yes 1113 72.2 %
No 177 11.5 %
Not sure 251 16.3 %
Total 1541 100.0 %

If you were to take a holiday in the next twelve months, where would you plan to spend most of your holiday?
Within Australia 1090 70.7 %
Overseas 451 29.3 %
Total 1541 100.0 %

How important is the price of petrol when making decisions about holidaying in Australia?
2 165 10.7 %
3 297 19.3 %
4 295 19.1 %
Don't know 11 0.7 %
Total 1541 100.0 %

What specific impact/s does the price of petrol have on your holidaying decisions?
I/we take fewer holidays 490 54.1 %
I/we holiday closer to home 499 55.1 %
I/we do less sightseeing while on holiday 194 21.4 %
Total 905 100.0 %

How would you rate the following holiday destinations on value for money?
Australia 732 48%
Asia 657 43%
Africa 130 8%
Pacific 421 27%
Eastern Europe 147 10%
Western Europe, inc UK 194 13%
Middle East 79 5%
North America 227 15%
South America 124 8%

How would you rate the following holiday destinations on accommodation standards?
Australia 1092 71%
Asia 520 34%
Africa 85 6%
Pacific 350 23%
Eastern Europe 107 7%
Western Europe, inc UK 495 32%
Middle East 156 10%
North America 489 32%
South America 84 5%

How would you rate the following holiday destinations on air travel standards?
Australia 991 64%
Asia 527 34%
Africa 85 6%
Pacific 340 22%
Eastern Europe 136 9%
Western Europe, inc UK 607 39%
Middle East 181 12%
North America 414 27%
South America 98 6%

How would you rate the following holiday destinations on food and beverage service standards?

Australia 1176 76%
Asia 432 28%
Africa 53 3%
Pacific 283 18%
Eastern Europe 133 9%
Western Europe, inc UK 536 35%
Middle East 76 5%
North America 403 26%
South America 104 7%

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