Tuesday 9 June 2009

SeaWalker Australia Green Island

Can’t swim? Do snorkelling and SCUBA Diving look difficult and complicated? Try Seawalker @ Green Island – the QUICK, SAFE, and EASY underwater Great Barrier Reef experience everyone can enjoy.

Especially for those who do not want to or might not be able to participate in SCUBA Diving or snorkelling, Seawalker @ Green Island is an underwater experience for the family, couples, or anyone who just wants a quick, safe, and easy way to really EXPERIENCE the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a fully guided underwater optional tour where your face stays dry and you WALK underwater on the smooth sea floor (not on an artificial platform) surrounded by fish and marine life at our beautiful coral garden. It’s a low stress, fun, underwater activity that provides a natural experience at Green Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef - up close and personal.

Seawalker @ Green Island is quick, easy, and there’s no need to learn how to use complicated equipment. No experience is needed, and because you WALK on the smooth, clean sand of the sea floor, it’s perfect for non-swimmers or anyone else who might not be confident in water!

1. Quick – 45 to 60 minutes from start of guest briefing until finished and back on dry land
2. Easy – no new skills to learn, no swimming, no equipment to manipulate or get in the way.
3. Safe – our guides are always in the water beside you to ensure it is great for non swimmers or anyone else who is not confident.
4. Low stress – no complicated equipment to use, no water on your face (you can wear glasses or contacts), your makeup stays on and your hair stays dry!
5. A natural experience on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – guests walk on the sea floor (not on an artificial pontoon), and are COMPLETELY SURROUNDED by colourful fish and coral.

There is also our ‘Underwater Viewing Chamber’ - available for friends and family of paying guests to use FREE of charge while guests are doing their Underwater Walk. Light Sun Protection wet suits and walking boots are provided FREE of charge.

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