Wednesday 3 June 2009

Introducing Park Trek Walking Holidays

Park Trek Walking Holidays began operation in March 2001. We operate a walking holiday business with the focus on economically priced, value for money Australian walking experiences. We go to over 18 different locations throughout Australia. This encourages folks who do one trip with us to do another.

Our aim is that we want people to join us for not just the one trip for a one time only but to build up a history of experiences with us. To date we have been able to achieve this as we now have upwards of 40% of trip participants on any Park Trek trip being repeat guests. We appeal mainly to the local domestic market, while enjoying some overseas patronage, for the following reasons:

1. Value for money. Our trips include:

* Meals, many of them, when self-catered, are created from freshly sourced organic produce plus we serve bottled wine. And the servings are extremely generous!
* We also provide daypacks, a sitting mat for the hard ground, trail mix and bottled water on nearly all of our trips.
* 2, sometimes 3 guides per trip who carry first aid kits, satellite phones and two-way radios.
* Luxury mini-coach transport (no sitting in the back of a cramped 4WD for hours on end).
* Comprehensive itineraries that give participants the most expansive and thorough experience of the area.

2. A great social occasion. On nearly every Park Trek trip we get a group size of between 12 – 14 guests. Some trips run with 4 – 6, others with 16 – 20 guests. So guests who are coming along on their own soon find other guests who are like-minded and friendly. It is a very uncontrived atmosphere, there are no “ice-breaker” games. Instead we allow the group to naturally bond, which folks tend to do for a shared activity like walking.

3. Sensational locations. From the Great Ocean Walk to Tasmania’s Cradle Mtn, Lamington National Park to Kakadu, the Red Centre to the Flinders Ranges, we go to numerous locations. For many guests they like knowing that the level of care they experience on one trip will be the same as the level of care on the next. That consistency in both the levels of service and attention to detail has made our operation a small success.

4. Improved well being. What better way to clear your head and forget about the workaday world than to relocate yourself to a pristine natural environment, with warm friendly company, have all of the logistical concerns taken care of by a caring operator and enjoy the simplicity of walking with a small lightweight daypack.

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