Wednesday 10 June 2009

New carrier requests Pacific capacity

A new 100% Australian-owned airline called Pacific Wings has requested capacity for flights between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

The carrier will be headquartered in Melbourne and says it plans to operate "some of the smaller markets within the range of the Boeing 737 aircraft."

It's applied for unlimited capacity for "various routes between Australia and New Zealand" as well as an allocation between Australia and New Caledonia, and will operate with a wet-leased B737 aircraft from Nauru-based carrier Our Airline.

Our Airline also currently operates flights on behalf of Norfolk Air.

Pacific Wings confirmed that it's also applied with the Department of Infrastructure and Transport to be designated as an Australian carrier, and has also submitted an application for an International Airline Licence.

Details of the company's structure are currently confidential, with the IASC application signed by non-executive directors Geoff Bowmaker (ceo of Our Airline) and Manish Sundarjee.

More information in tomorrow's Travel Daily.

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