Wednesday 10 June 2009

Global Nomad Presents The Philippines in Style

Unique new travel concierge service offers bespoke trips to spectacular beaches, luxury villas and private islands in The Philippines

Luxury travel specialist Global Nomad is launching a range of off-the-beaten-track bespoke tours of the Philippines, aiming to totally refresh and redefine perceptions of The Philippines as a travel destination.

Global Nomad’s Philippines tours give discerning travellers access to places and experiences that they would never be able to discover for themselves, and include visits to breathtaking beautiful private islands, and stays at the private homes of the rich and famous.

The Global Nomad team share years of knowledge about the Philippines, allowing guests to explore destinations undiscovered by mass tourism, experience unique cultural insights, whilst enjoying stylish comfort and exceptional cuisine.

“The Philippines is an ideal place for discerning adventurers who enjoy being the first to explore something new, have a real and meaningful experience with locals and nature, and who also want to contribute something to the communities they visit” says Global Nomad’s Director of Marketing, Ian Rowen.

Destinations beyond the colourful, chaotic and mesmerizing metropolis of Manila include the untouched and remote islands of Batanes, the stunning rice terraces of Banaue, the spectacular white sand beaches and karst cliffs of Palawan, the magnificent Spanish heritage town of Vigan, plus many more.

“We customize each of our tours for small groups only, and seek out charming and unexpected locales with a strong sense of place, and we make them lavish and unforgettable. Beyond plasma TVs, our passion is creating meaningful experiences and authentic encounters with the local environment and culture” said Global Nomad's philanthropist founder, Angelica Berrie.

She continues: “quality, not quantity, is our motto. We spend a considerable amount of time ensuring the enjoyment of every individual. Wherever we go, we connect our guests with local people and places, which are the heart and soul of our island experience.”

A commitment to protecting local culture and the environment has led to partnerships with Filipinos eager to share the best of the country's beauty with travel connoisseurs.

Memorable ‘experiences of a lifetime’ range from dining barefoot under a full moon on an exposed sandbar, to feasting on fresh-caught fish off banana leaves in an isolated beach, or watching the sun set from the sand dunes of Ilocos, listening to schoolchildren singing welcome native songs and joining fisherfolk hauling in their nets.

A wealth of outdoor experiences for intrepid travelers include trekking, rock climbing, hiking and world-class dive sites including the famed Tubbataha Reef and the Japanese wrecks of Coron.

Luxurious island villas or majestic mountain getaways can also be arranged for weddings, family reunions, and other special events, with event coordinators organizing photographers, film crews, musicians, dancers, personal butlers, nannies or any other “one-of-a-kind” experiences.

About Global Nomad

Global Nomad was founded by philanthropist Angelica Berrie. Angelica travels for inspiration and her desire to share the best her country has to offer led to the founding of Global Nomad.

Global Nomad provide experienced travellers with a new perspective on the Philippines, sharing years of knowledge about undiscovered islands, off the beaten track villages and beaches which rival the Caribbean.

Global Nomad also works in close partnership with local communities to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development. In all remote destinations, they provide equipment and expert guidance to help farmers and fishermen set up organic farms, providing enhanced livelihood options and more nourishing food for both locals and guests.

In coastal areas, Global Nomad supports educational programs to promote reef conservation and works with national organizations developing community tourism projects. The brand also takes all necessary steps to ensure that donations directly benefit their intended recipients, and maintains regular contact with donors to let them know how their gifts are being received.

Address: Global Nomad, 20th Floor, Central Tower, 28 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong.

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