Monday 14 February 2011

Suprise Baby Turtles Make a Splash at the Pet Porpoise Pool!

The Pet Porpoise Pool team received a nice surprise early last week with the unexpected arrival of three baby freshwater turtles which were found in the early morning hours in the turtle exhibit.

The Freshwater Turtle exhibit at the park houses the eastern long neck and short neck turtles or otherwise known as the Macquarie turtle. The Macquarie turtle is found locally in the Bellingen River and is listed as a threatened species in NSW.

These baby Macquarie turtles will remain in care at the Pet Porpoise Pool and will not be able to be released into the wild until at least a year old, as per the National parks and wildlife which states no release of any reptiles that has been in captivity without a license.

This is the first time that the Pet Porpoise Pool has bred these turtles and the breeding is expected to be directly related to the recent re-design of the exhibit which included deepening the pool depth and providing nesting material.

Marine trainer, Kenny Damashke who cares for the turtles said "It's great to see so quickly how all the hard work we put into redeveloping the turtles exhibit has paid off with the birth of these new turtles".

The Pet Porpoise Pool is open daily from 9am to 4pm, with Marine Magic presentations at 10am and 1pm.

For a limited time the baby Macquarie turtles will be on exhibit for visitors to see.

For more information, contact the Pet Porpoise Pool on 66591900.

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