Saturday 12 February 2011

Traveller's footwear - the Warrior sandal

Here is a great item of footwear for travellers who are likely to be in situations where their feet will get wet feet, or who just want a great casual item of footwear that are easy to slip on in seconds.

The Warrior sandal is made from high density EVA rubber with a nylon strap that adjusts so they stay on your feet snugly.

While they are great in the dry -  you can wear them all day and due to their closed cell construction they won't lead to smelly feet, it is when things get wet that they really come into their own.

This could be when wandering along a foreshore, with waves washing around your feet, or maybe for boating activities. Other times  could be when a tropical downpour makes the streets awash – the last thing you want are wet shoes. If you are wearing Warriors, you can scoff at wet conditions as they are impervious to water and after slipping them off for a few minutes your feet are dry as well.

Weighing almost nothing, they won't add to your baggage weight and the little space they take up is well worth the luggage space for an item that is so well suited to so many situations.

Available online at in black or blue

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