Tuesday 14 May 2013

Australia Focus for Asia Cycling Tours

SpiceRoads To Expand Myanmar Cycling Holidays Program

With increasing numbers of Australians of all ages joining Asia cycling tours, creative cycling company SpiceRoads is expanding its itinerary in Myanmar (Burma).

SpiceRoads CEO, Struan Robertson, who is visiting Sydney this month to discuss trends in cycle touring and to re-connect with past customers, said Myanmar and Vietnam were proving hot destinations for Australians wanting a bicycle-based travel experience.

"Last year SpiceRoads placed 600 travelers from Australia into Asia - the largest group of cycling tourists taking up the SpiceRoads experience in that market. In particular, Vietnam and Myanmar are attracting cycling tourists of all ages and styles - beginners and families through to gourmet and experienced adventurers."

"We are now looking to expand our range of cycling tours in Myanmar, where Spice Roads is the only company providing cross border trips from Yunnan in China to Mandalay. On tour numbers, Myanmar is proving to be the destination of the year for Aussies," he said.

Australia is a leader in the global cycling resurgence with the National Cycling Strategy aiming to double the number of Australian bicycle riders by 2016. According to a 2011 survey by the Australian Bicycle Council around 3.6 million Australians ride a bicycle for recreation, leisure or sport each week, and 1.2 million people make at least one bicycle journey.

"With more than 100 different itineraries in 19 destinations on offer, SpiceRoads is able to provide a huge range of cycling experiences and grades for beginners, seniors and independent adventurers," says Struan Robertson.

"The tours appeal to travellers who like good company as much as they do local scenery, and gourmet food. The pace of the tours is at your choosing - as leisurely or as competitive as you want."

Robertson said that with 9% of Australians aged 40+ riding a bicycle in a typical week, the market for the older, discerning cycling tourist was huge.

"We know Australians share our passion for cycling. So we are continuing to create ideal getaways for those that love being active and believe seeing the world by bicycle is the best way to travel!" he said

About SpiceRoads

SpiceRoads offers high-quality, educational, and adventure-filled itineraries that highlight and focus on the diversity of landscapes found in Asia and its people. As a specialized "niche" bicycle tour operator since 2000, they provide the most authentic, unique and exciting adventures in Asia. Visit:

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