Tuesday 14 May 2013

Helen Wong Knows of "A Better Way to get to China"

Helen Wong's Tours has put in some solid spade work to create its latest TV commercial.

The China specialist of 26 years organised a couple to attempt a dig from the backyard to the other side of the world, thankfully to have it interrupted by a helpful Terracotta Warrior.

"Hey, mate, there's a better way to get to China," the unearthed warrior advises with a broad smile, referring to Helen Wong's Tours and its vast range of packages.

The advertisement, created for online viewing as well as the TV screen, comes hot on the heels of a successful cinema campaign featuring the voice of the company's founder.

It also follows Helen Wong's Tours' decision to create QR codes on each of its 2013-2014 brochures for Smart Phone owners to scan for virtual on-location viewing on their iPhones and iPads.

"We wanted a 30-second commercial which would draw audience attention to our product and by using humour I feel we hit the right button," said Helen Wong.

"It was a catchy way to promote our new slogan of 'A Better Way to Get to China' as well as highlight a significant tour of which the content will change during the running of the campaign," she said.

The new advertisement will be shown on Channel 9 and GEM in Brisbane and Perth from May 19, check out:

Details: Helen Wong's Tours, phone (02) 9267 7833 or

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