Monday 6 May 2013

Mum’s the Word - Aussie Mums Like to Travel with their Own Mum (More than their Mother-in-Laws)

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A national survey conducted in the lead up to Mother's Day has revealed what Australian mothers really want when it comes to fulfilling their travel dreams.

Almost half disclosed they had holidayed with their own mothers as adults and more than 80 per cent said they'd do it all over again.

But they weren't as enthusiastic when it came to the possibility of repeat travel with their mothers in law.

According to the survey of more than 1000 mothers commissioned by P&O Cruises, 22 per cent had holidayed with their mothers in law but more than a third vowed they wouldn't do it again.

The survey also found that 50 per cent of the respondents would prefer a Mother’s Day getaway with their husband or partner. While 20 per cent chose their kids, 16 per cent said they would like to travel solo and 14 per cent preferred a getaway with girlfriends.

Meanwhile an astonishing two-thirds of Australian mums were still expected to do household chores and cook family meals on Mother’s Day, according to the survey.

And just to confirm mums are getting a raw deal, when asked if they were treated to breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner or relief from household chores on Mother’s Day, nearly half the mums surveyed said ‘none of the above’.

Almost 90 per cent thought a Mother’s Day break where they didn’t have to cook, make a bed or do any household chores would be appealing.

Ann Sherry, CEO of Carnival Australia, which operates P&O Cruises, said she was stunned to discover from the survey that not all Aussie mums are being spoilt rotten on Mother’s Day.

“On Mother’s Day of all days mums should be getting pampered in every way and given a break from the usual daily grind,” Ms Sherry said.

“It’s no surprise why women are so likely to choose a cruise holiday where someone else does all the cooking and cleaning and helps explain why there has been such strong demand for P&O Cruises’ inaugural Mother’s Day cruise.”

The three-night Pacific Jewel cruise sets sail from Sydney this Friday (May 10), ensuring all mothers onboard will be enjoying a relaxing time at sea on Mother’s Day.

The revealing P&O Cruises’ survey also showed that keeping the peace is the byword for mums when it comes to how they are treated on Mother’s Day.

Twenty-five per cent of mums who said they received a Mother’s Day gift they didn’t like said nothing – but passed the unwanted gift on to someone else. Sixty-four per cent put the gift somewhere they were never likely to see it again but five per cent said they would sell it on e-bay and use the proceeds to buy something they liked.

When asked which famous mum they would like to spend Mother’s Day with, Michelle Obama was the standout choice (22%) followed by Maggie Beer (18%) and Nicole Kidman (15%). Posh Spice was the least popular Mother’s Day choice (2%).

Almost half of those surveyed who contemplated a Mother’s Day cruise, said they would do it for its complete freedom from domestic chores and obligations.

“Our special Mother’s Day survey is a wake-up call for Aussie families,” Ms Sherry said. “Aussie mums want a better deal and it sounds like a cruise is just the sort of Mother’s Day pampering they have in mind.”

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