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Monday, 16 February 2009

Tangalooma Team with Sea World to Save Wild dolphin

Tangalooma’s wild dolphin Nari was rescued last night, Monday 16 February 2009 at Tangalooma Island Resort by Sea World’s Reseach and Rescue Foundation.

Nari, a fourteen year old regular visitor of Tangalooma’s wild dolphin provisioning program arrived for the feeding last Friday with a large bite mark across his head and back.

After failing to appear twice over the weekend for the nightly feeding, Tangalooma’s Marine Education and Conservation Centre (TMECC) staff were worried that Nari couldn’t survive in the wild and may have died.

However, after much anticipation by resort guests and TMECC staff, Nari arrived last night to the nightly feeding and was rescued in a joint initiative between Tangalooma and Sea World.

Tangalooma Island Resort’s director, Trevor Hassard was thrilled to see the injured dolphin and is relieved that he was rescued.

“The Tangalooma dolphin care team is now able to get Nari the veterinary care he needs to save his life,” Mr Hassard said.

“Sea World is extremely well set up to handle these sorts of rescues. Nari suffered an extremely serious shark wound that could have been fatal if not treated.

“The possibility of infection is high and Nari will need constant supervision to ensure his survival,” he said.

Sea World staff will be performing surgery on Nari today in order to clean up the dolphins wounds.

It is predicted that if all goes well with Nari’s recovery he will be returned to Tangalooma Resort in three or four weeks to rejoin the rest of the Tangalooma pod in Moreton Bay.

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