Friday 27 February 2009

No Financial Crisis for Aussie Travellers to Korea

Australian tourists looking for more value for their Australian dollar should look no further than
South Korea. Despite some other currencies in the region falling in value by up to fifty percent
the Korean won has remained very strong against the Australian dollar. The value of the Korean
won is almost a thousand won to the Aussie dollar (986won=A$1.00 as at 25/02/2009) and it
has remained almost at the same high value as it was mid July, 2008.

So, if you are short of cash in these tough economic times and are looking for a rewarding and
economical holiday, then why not visit Korea – a land of unexpected discoveries. 2008 was a
record year for Australian visitors to Korea with almost 100,000 Australian travellers to the
country, an increase of 20 percent over the previous year.

Korea represents excellent value for Australian travellers as never before in these tough
economic times. Korea is a very reasonable destination to travel anyway, but the present
favourable exchange rate drives your Aussie dollar even further.

The current exchange rate means travellers can find a good bed in a four star hotel for $120 a
night or budget down to $50 for a double room in a Korean-style guest-house. Eating out in
Korea is very cheap with a normal lunch or dinner main course costing as little as $8-$10.
Getting around the country is very easy due to the great transport infrastructure and trains and
buses are very cheap compared to Australian standards. A ride anywhere on Seoul’s city subway
will cost you no more than a dollar.

If for no better reason than to have more value for your travelling dollar, Korea also offers a great
variety of travel experiences. Join one of the many fun-filled festivals throughout the year and
experience the true heart of the country. One of the best is the Lotus Lantern Festival coming up
in Seoul from 24-26 April. The evening lantern parade through the streets of Seoul is one of the
most visually spectacular festival sights you could ever enjoy. Spring/Summer is a great time to
enjoy the many festivals that take place all over the country.

Seoul has always been known as a great city to shop, but even more so now with the present
exchange rate. Visit Namdaemun (South Gate) or Dongdaemun (East Gate) markets and grab
some bargains. One of the advantages of visiting Seoul is that you can sightsee all day and shop
all night as some department stores are open until 5am in the morning. From the high fashion
boutiques of Apgujeong-dong to the traditional arts and crafts pedestrian street of Insa-dong,
Seoul truly is a shopper’s paradise day and night.

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