Friday 25 April 2008

Costa France on the wellness wave

Surfing on the ever-growing trend for spas and fitness in the country, Costa France has launched a three-week partnership with 50 of the top spas in Paris and the Ile de France region.

Titled ‘Cruising in wellness, a new way to experience sea travel,’ a well-illustrated 28-page brochure presents the wellness features on board Costa Concordia and Costa Serena and their Samsara spa, restaurant and cabins, and on Costa Atlantica and Costa Mediterranea, which are to be equipped with wellness cabins, suites and a dedicated wellness restaurant for the summer season.

Also outlined are the gyms and fitness programs on board other ships in the fleet, plus itineraries.

Some 20,000 copies (out of 100,000 printed) are to be distributed to the spa partners. ‘Apart from travel agencies, it is a good way of reaching potential spa-loving passengers,’ comments Patrice R├ęgnier, corporate direct marketing manager at Costa France. ‘We are not a competitor for these spas, neither is Steiner, which is not present in France. All the selected spas were very interested in being associated with cruising and what remains a dream holiday for many people,’ he added.

The promotion includes opportunities to win free cruises and Apple iPods by entering a quiz, whilst one of the spa hostesses distributing the brochures will also win a cruise.

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