Monday 21 April 2008

Suntrek features new tours in Central America

SUNTREK features new tours in Central America

SUNTREK offers adventure tours in Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala
and Belize.

The 7 day lodging tour "Costa Rica Highlights" includes famous
national parks, tropical rain forests, massive volcanoes and the
Pacific Coast. The price starts at AUD 712 per person.

The 10 day lodging tour "Honduras Sun" features the highlights of Honduras:
Caribbean beaches, rain forests and ancient Maya ruins, complete with
a ferry ride to the paradise island Utila, situated in the world's
second largest coral reef. The tour starts at AUD 1472 per person.

"Mundo Maya" is the name of a new 3 week tour from/to Cancun through
Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras: famous ancient Maya cities
like Tikal, Tulum, Copán and Chichén Itzá, amazing jungle terrain and
crystal clear Caribbean
waters await the active traveler. The price starts at AUD 1942 per person.

Departures for the tours "Costa Rica Highlights" and "Honduras Sun"
are guaranteed with a minimum participant number of two and for the
tour "Mundo Maya" with 4. The tours offer great value for independent
minded, "young at heart" travellers, looking to explore "off the
beaten track" in a small group of international participants.

More details contact 1300 887 726 in Australia or visit

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