Monday 28 April 2008

Iloho Extends Its Services With Launch Of New Flight Search And Comparison Function

Iloho, the online tool for travellers, today launches its new flight search and comparison function – – a service which is set to transform the way in which consumers access and review airline and flight information.

The flights function is the latest development from iloho as it continues its drive to expand and improve its services. It is an innovative and unique online database of the world's airlines, the routes they fly, the services they offer and how they rank with travellers in the know.

Iloho's flights function offers 360 degree airline and flight information that is easily accessible and quickly navigable. Focusing on providing insight into the actual experience and logistics of flying, core route data from OAG, a global flight information company, is augmented by a wealth of service information for over seventy of the world's leading airlines – from sample menus to cabin atmosphere  – and user-generated reviews.

This data is brought to life by a catalogue of images showing airlines' on-board and airport amenities, making iloho's information source as dynamic, original and interactive as possible. Airlines will be offered access details for iloho's content management system to ensure that only the latest and most accurate data is displayed.

Users can search for flights by route, stops and cabin class. Available flights can then be compared against each other, side-by-side, in an array of categories such as in-flight service, check-in options, food and drink and luggage allowances; results are broken down by class of travel and can be tailored according to the priorities of individual passengers by collapsing fields that are not of interest. 

In addition to route and service data, iloho's flights search function also provides information on flight schedules, flight times and aircraft models. Once users have made an informed travel decision, booking is available via direct links to airlines' websites.

Iloho's flights service provides highly targeted real time advertising solutions, which can be displayed according to demographic, keywords and geo-location, opening up a range of exciting new opportunities for advertisers. Sponsorship of iloho channels is also available.

Richard Archer-Perkins, Chairman and Founder iloho: "Launching a new and improved flight search service is an exciting step for iloho as it continues to grow and attract wider audiences.  

"By combining core route and airline data with user-generated reviews, we're confident iloho will be an extremely popular and useful starting point for travellers' journeys.

"In delivering fantastic content and by providing unique opportunities we aim to make iloho's flights function a huge success."

Mario M. Hardy, Vice President - Asia Pacific, Official Airline Guide (OAG), said: "OAG is the world's authority on global flight information and we are proud to be partners with an innovative brand like iloho. The combination of OAG's flight schedule information and iloho's own data will deliver a unique, valuable and comprehensive flight search function to travellers across the globe."

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