Tuesday 27 August 2013

Learn ’Aquaticity’ at Soneva Fushi

Discover the underwater world on one single breath. As anyone doing  yoga around the world will know, holding your breath under water, naturally leads us to a state of ’being in the moment’.

Soneva Fushi is delighted to reintroduce a Freediving Course for the peak season (October – end April 2014), one built on the foundations : breath, awareness, relaxation, safety and knowledge. Some people freedive just for fun – to look at the fish and corals or simply to relax. Others want to improve their aquatic skills, depth and time or to overcome fear and build self-esteem. Whatever our motive is, we usually find great pleasure in the learning, training and experience of Freediving. And often hidden capacities and potentials surface in so doing.

While the technical content of the course is professionally presented, the whole process is meant to be entertaining and in a word, fun, for the participants.

This is an opportunity to really discover the joy of bonding with the ocean and trying your hand at Freediving. This is a fascinating experience and has been ’love at first attempt’ for many a newcomer. You will learn and improve your swimming/finning technique, breath length capacity, ability to relax and focus, equalization, and to be comfortable in the water, in short - Aquaticity.

You will learn the theory, physiology and physics in Freediving and to be more confident in the water. Health, diet and fitness benefits will also be discussed.

The group course is charged at $120/hour or for those who want the full attention of the Soneva instructor private sessions are available for $250.

Japanese-Danish, founder of KYMA – Kiriyama Yoga & Meditation Academy.

Through his teenage years Ken was a martial artist, a dancer, runner and amateur road bicycle racer. In martial arts his curiosity about body, mind and health opened the doors to Yoga, Meditation and breath work. He has practiced the 3 main paths of Yoga followed nowadays and has travelled the world extensively to study and practice, especially India, and he did his Iyengar Yoga teacher trainings in Australia. His approach is pragmatic, straight and simple, helping each student 
Resort_Maldives,_Soneva_Fushi__-_freedivinunfold their unique qualities and potential.

Ken is a Freediving athlete and instructor in Apnea Academy. His teaching approach is based on relaxation, breathing and awareness. He has the ability to help people move beyond their limits and inspires them to enjoy being in the water.  One of the best things, as he says, is ”when you see that enthusiastic glow on the face of somebody who has really ”fallen” for Freediving”.  He won a bronze medal in the No Fins category in Hellas Freediving Competition in 2010 and a silver medal in the Danish Depth Championships in 2011.

”To Freedive is one of the most amazing activities you can do. The feeling after a good dive is similar to the effects of meditation -  you feel relaxed, peaceful and happy”   – Ken Kiriyama

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