Tuesday 27 August 2013

MSC Cruises “Special Sale For The National Cruise Week ”

The National Cruise Week is back and so MSC CRUISES is offering the best possible value to the cruise market!

2014 Early Bird Discounts, 2nd person pays only 1$, Yacht Club Upgrade and so much more!
Massive sale of selected departures for Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Caribbean, Arabian image001Peninsula, Canary Islands, West Indies, Grand Voyages!

-          Once-in-a-lifetime cruise on a Grand Voyage from 11 to 19 night cruise, starting from AUD 900/ NZD 1160 per couple and visiting Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, Brazil, West Indies, France, Portugal, Argentina, Northern Europe, Croatia, Greece!

-          Visit Mediterranean ports, Northern Europe cities and Caribbean paradises saving up to $300 per person booking by 30th September 2013

-          Visit Arabian Peninsula and cruise for only AUD 880 / 1160 NZD per couple, AUD 440 / 580 NZD per person

-          Discover West Indies and relax at only AUD 800 / 1060 NZD per couple, AUD 400 / 530 NZD per person

-          Explore MSC Cruises new destination: Canary Islands AUD 590 / 790 NZD per couple, AUD 295 / 395NZD per person

-          Experience the Dolce Vita in the MSC Yacht Club, saving up to AUD 820 / 1060NZD per person

Don’t delay bookings must be made between 2nd of September 2013 and 9th of September 2013 ONLY

For full terms and conditions please note attached flyers.

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